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Welcome to the Long Island Lutheran Basketball League

Serving Long Island for over 50 years.
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Ascension Deer Park  <> Calvary East Meadow  <>  Cross of Christ Babylon  <>  Good Shepherd Plainview  <>  Holy Trinity Rockville Centre  <>  Our Redeemer Seaford  <>  Our Savior Centereach <> Resurrection Garden City  <>  St.Luke's Farmingdale  <>  St.Paul's East Northport  <>  St.Peter's Baldwin  <>  St.Peter's Brooklyn  <>  St.Peter's Huntington  <>  Trinity Hicksville 

Congratulations to the 2015-16 League Champions:
Bantam Girls - Cross of Christ, Babylon
Bantam Boys - Trinity, Hicksville
Jr.Girls - St.Paul's, East Northport
Jr.Boys - Trinity, Hicksville
Sr.Girls - St.Luke's, Farmingdale
Sr.Boys - Our Savior, Centereach
Women - St.Peter's, Huntington
Men - Calvary, East Meadow

Interested in joining or getting information about the league?  Click Here!

Mobile App "to follow Teams" - Nice, tho not a full substitute for visiting this Website!

To install the free Mobile App for your iPhone or Android,
(1) GoTo a TEAM page,
(2) Find the Mobile App link located below the basketball,
(3) Note your Team ID, then click "Download" & follow the screens!

OR - you can click the App Store Link, but go get the Team ID, or note the precise name of your team(s), so you can then search for it with the Mobile App.

NOTE: You do NOT need an Account or Sign-In with the Mobile App. You can simply "FOLLOW TEAMS"

    View the LILBL's Code of Conduct

    11/01/2015, 11:30am EST
    By L.I. Lutheran Basketball

    Long Island Lutheran Basketball League
    Serving Lutheran youth on Long Island for over 50 years



    As a player, coach, cheerleader, or fan: I will . . .

     ·        Remember that sports, and the ability to participate in them, like everything else in life, are gifts from God. 

     ·        Play hard, but fairly, according to the rules of the game. 

     ·        Consider opponents and officials as friends and neighbors, and treat them with due courtesy and respect. 

     ·        Applaud teammates and opponents who make good plays or demonstrate good sportsmanship. 

     ·        Accept the decisions of officials respectfully, recognizing that they have a difficult job and are doing their best to uphold the rules fairly. 

     ·        Win without boasting and lose without excuse or complaint. 

     ·        Never hiss or boo players or officials. 

     ·        Never use profanity, disparaging or offensive comments, or other intimidating actions. 

     ·        Do unto others, as I would have them do unto me. 

     ·        Seek to glorify a gracious God rather than be glorified. 

     ·        Thank and praise God for the gifts of health, talent, and the opportunity to take part in a sport. 

     ·        Celebrate every opportunity to participate in sports as a chance to learn and to grow in Christian maturity. 

     ·        Conduct myself in a manner that is representative of a Christian. 


    (To get a 'printable' copy of this Conduct Code, click "About Us / Downloads")